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What is Aesthetic Gynaecology?

Aesthetic Gynaecology is a highly specialized surgery, also known as “cosmetic vaginal surgery”. It involves the reshaping of the vulva or labia, the outer (majora) and inner (minora) lips of the vagina. Due to childbirth, aging, trauma, weight loss, surgery and genetics, the appearance of the vagina can change and affect the woman’s self confidence. My field of expertise is considered an anathema for some women, while for others they are an ongoing concern.

However, the clinical conditions concerning deformation, hypertrophy, asymmetry, tissue relaxation, or improper operation do frequently exist and ultimately decrease the self-confidence of women experiencing them decreasing the quality of their personal and sexual lives. Quite often, women facing such conditions have learnt to live with them and face adverse effects in their everyday lives, such as a feeling of decreased femininity, lack of interest for sexual intercourse or even a sense of shame whenever wearing jeans or swimsuits and leotards.

Restoration of the aforementioned conditions, which tend to create functional or cosmetic problems does have several options. Contemporary medicine can make use of cutting edge technology and offer a series of offerings which combine an excellent cosmetic result with a minimal post operation pain level or discomfort, ultimately improving the daily life, sexual life and self-confidence of any woman.

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