This procedure aims to enhance and restore in a cosmetic as well as in a functional fashion, both the smaller internal as well as the larger external labial lips.  It focuses on size adjustment of the vulva, usually attributed to a genetic condition and / or due to weight loss.  At the same time it also focuses on functional issues caused by the anatomy and the size of the labia, including but not limited to pain during intercourse, resulting in a drastic decrease of sexual pleasure.  Hypertrophic labia can furthermore result in excessive sweating and contribute to unpleasant odour in the sensitive area.



This focuses on reducing the size or shape of the labia Minora. The most common reasons behind this procedure can be summed up as physical (such as enlargement or unevenness, traumatic tears from childbirth, discomfort during physical exercise and certain activities) as well as psychological (unsatisfied with the appearance, lack of self confidence and embarrassment during intimacy).



This focuses on reducing the size and look of the labia Majora. This procedure removes the excess fat and tightens or lifts the relaxed skin present there.

Labia Majora


This aims at increasing the size and look of the labia Majora in cases of hypotrophy. This can be performed by two distinct methods, either by injecting body fat (doing mini liposuction from other parts of the body) or by injecting high density hyaluronic acid.


Dr Apostoleris is able to assist with the correct treatment plan for most gynaecological conditions, using the latest methods, technology and research, ensuring the highest quality of care tailored to each patient.