Patient Resources

Once your appointment has been confirmed, please remember to bring the following along for your first appointment.

Your 1st Visit

The first visit will take about an hour where your medical history and concerns will be addressed and any treatment that you may have received so far, will be noted.

  • Your medical aid card or medical insurance details
  • Your referral letter from your General Practitioner, Gynaecologist or Specialist from another discipline
  • Any relevant medical records, results of tests (bloods, X-Rays, ultrasound)
  • The relevant payment for the consultation, which will be relayed to you when you make your booking
What to expect:

You will have a general examination, followed by a gynaecological examination with a Pap smear (if no recent one is available) and an ultrasound.Any further tests and investigations, if required, will be requested and executed, so that I can have an accurate assessment of your condition.

If necessary, a follow up visit will be scheduled, where I will discuss a management plan for your medical condition. This may include options and all pre- and post-operative / procedure care for your procedure will be addressed

Patient Forms

New Patient Form

You will be requested to fill in a New Patient Form. Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill in the above.


For any planned procedure either in the Rooms or in Hospital you will be provided with a quotation. It is your responsibility to check with your medical insurer that this particular procedure is covered and to what extent will they reimburse you.

For any procedures you will be provided with a consent form. These forms will explain the proposed procedure together with all the pros and cons related to the procedure. It is very important that you understand the contents.