Preparing for Procedure

Regular Medication

It is important that you report all medications (including vitamins and supplements) taken by you as some may influence the outcome with potential complications. Medication that thins or thickens the blood as well as anti-inflammatories are important. Regular meds for heart, blood pressure and diabetes are to be continued. Hormones are also acceptable as a rule unless advised otherwise. You may restart your regular medication after the procedure.

Post Operative Pain

Most procedures performed in the rooms are relatively pain free or at worst you may have a mild discomfort. Procedures in Hospital are expected to have some pain associated with them. This will be managed with the appropriate pain medication.

Post Operative Care

This will be explained to you and any deviation from the expected must be reported to the Doctor.

Exercise, Driving, Sex

Some of the procedures performed in the rooms are relatively painless and you may drive yourself back home or work. You may exercise the next day. Having sex, I will advise you as to when you may resume your sexual activity and will depend on the procedure. For the in Hospital procedures you will be advised accordingly.


The same applies here. It will depend on the procedure, whether in the Rooms or in Hospital and on the type of procedure. As a general rule, a Rooms procedure can go back to work the same day and in Hospital patient anything between a few days, few weeks but maximum by four weeks.